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12 challenges of 2024

In case no one has told you yet- HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome 2024!

Recently, I had the thought of trying something new for the month of January, and that blossomed into the idea of doing a new challenge for every month of the year.

Each month I am going to try a new challenge with the plan to post an end-of-the-month recap with the good, the bad, and the ugly. A lot of these ideas are on my list with the hopes that they will improve my quality of life! Some of these are physical, some mental, and some practical. My hope is that by the end of 2024 I will have some new habits!

JANUARY: Dry January

I started off easy since I rarely drink. Dry January seems like a common thing people do after the holidays to start off the new year. I'll celebrate New Year's with a pop of champagne right around 11:45 and a final chug at 11:59 ;)

FEBRUARY: Volunteer

February is my birthday month and this year is the big 30. There are a lot of things I don't have, but there are so many things I do have. I'm blessed in many ways that most aren't. I can think of no better way to spend my birthday month than giving back. I need to decide where I am going to volunteer (possibly more than one place!) I would love to find a regular spot to volunteer in the city and give the time and resources I have available to me.

MARCH: 10k steps a day

It made sense to do this challenge in a month with pretty weather. Ideally I would be getting outside everyday for my 10k steps! I also have a walking pad for the days I work remote. 10k steps is the health goal, correct?! Something about Spring and welcoming a new season makes me want to move!

APRIL: New Hobby

Photography, painting, sculpting, gardening, the possibilities are endless! April is my moving month so it made sense to do something that would translate from this apartment to the next! I'm the worst at starting things and not finishing them. If the challenge is only for the month, that's the perfect amount of time for me to try something new without feeling like I have to be perfect at it.

MAY: No spend month

If you can't tell, I planned out these months to coordinate with my life. I am moving to a bigger place in April which means money will be tight as I adjust. What better month to practice no spending? I need to specify what I am allowed/not allowed to buy.

JUNE: 30 day fitness challenge

One of my "Ins" of 2024 is adding a weightlifting routine. The best part about lifting weights is that it is a purely indoor exercise. Outside activites? In June? In Texas? Count me out. The plan is to do this the cheap route: AKA figuring it out on my own and learning as I go.

JULY: No eating out

With the summer months in full swing, there is little motivation for me to be outside (unless a pool is involved.) Sounds like the perfect time to save some money for the AC bills!

AUGUST: Go vegetarian

You know when it's really really hot outside and you eat something and it just feels so heavy? With August being the hottest month of the year (in my opinion) going vegetarian will be a good way to keep cool. I'm thinking of all the different salads I could make!

SEPTEMBER: Quit a bad habit

Do you ever do something without thinking about it, and then immediately know you need to stop? For me it's waking up and hitting snooze 5 times then going straight for the coffee without so much as a blink. Apparently drinking caffeine on an empty stomach isn't good for you and it's recommended to eat a balanced meal before you consume caffeine in the mornings. (I should also note that this is the first bad habit of the day, I have many many more)

OCTOBER: New book a week

Reading is one of my favorite things to do (and my go-to for a hobby to list on dating apps.) Romantasy would be my favorite genre. I don't do much non-fiction reading and trying it out is starting to interest me more and more. I go in weird phases where I could read a book a day and then I swing to the other end where I don't read a book for an entire year. One book a week sounds perfect! It could even go well with my challenge for November. I'm thinking something historical or a biography! If anyone has any recommendations, please send them my way!

NOVEMBER: Commit to a nighttime routine

I will admit without hesitation that my nighttime routine right now is nil. I go to bed and burn my retinas while scrolling tik tok until way past my bedtime. Physically and mentally, health experts agree that following a consistent sleep/wake cycle is beneficial. I'm going to take it one step further and carve out a routine that makes sense for me and my life. Lavender oils? Sleepy tea? No electronics after a certain time? I have no idea what will work best for me!

DECEMBER: journal every day

There are a lot of complex emotions that come with the holidays for all of us. For me it's being single, feeling stuck in life, feeling behind, etc. There is so much stress and expectation around the holiday season that it feels overwhelming. I'm not a big journal-er and always feel like it's a writing assignment that I need to get an A+ on. In the past I have noticed that writing out my thoughts and getting them out of my head helps clear space to think. It might not cure me but the hope is that I can process through my thoughts and feelings while also spending some time reflecting on the year.

I would LOVE for anyone and everyone to join me with one or some or all of these challenges in the coming year! Or, if anyone has any suggestions or modifications I should make, drop me a line!

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