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17 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for the Book Lover

A full list of fun finds and gift ideas for the book lover in your life! As a big reader myself, all of these are gifts that I would love to receive and/or give to my friends who also love to read. A Barnes and Noble gift card is great and always welcome!! But sometimes you feel like giving someone an actual gift. From pretty to practical, here is a list of great gift ideas!

1. Personalized Book Stamp

I LOVE this floral stamp!

2. Personalized Book Embosser

A stamp or a book embosser is a great gift! It's a unique way to mark your territory and prettier than just writing your name!

3. Book Lamp

I can already think of several people I would love to gift this to ( myself included.) I just can't get over how cute this is and how perfect it is for the nights you just need some cozy ambient lighting!

4. Rechargeable, portable, Clip-on Book Light

I like that this one is rechargeable and dimmable, while also being small and easily packed. This would also make a really great stocking stuffer idea!

5. Mounted Holder for Tablet (iPad, Kindle, Phone, etc.)

This was my sister's birthday gift and she absolutely loves it. She sets it up in her living room, in her bedroom, in her office, really anywhere she wants to get comfy and ready without having to hold her Kindle. This one can be placed anywhere, can hold multiple different electronics (watching iPad in bed!!) and can be adjusted however it needs to be.

6. Remote Control Page Turner

This was the second half of my sister's birthday present. What is the point of having a hands free holder if you need to turn the page every couple minutes?! This turns the page for you! It also can be used to scroll through TikTok if you can't hold your phone or used to take pics from your phone!

7. Cutesie Book-ish Pins

These little pins are also a great stocking stuffer idea! There are a couple different coloring/style options to choose from.

8. Personalized Embroidered Corner Bookmark

Another cute stocking stuffer idea! Us book people can be weird about bending the corners back and leaving creases, but this is a cute way to personalize something and be useful.

9. Magnetic Bookmarks

If your person prefers a more practical approach to their bookmarking, these magnetic bookmarks are a great idea.

10. Book Nook Wooden House Kit

I might be the only person this item speaks to, but I love a prettily decorated and curated bookshelf AND a good craft. This combines both of those loves!

11. Canvas Totes

I speak for all book lovers when I say that we all love tote bags and simply can never have enough. We need something to carry all the books around in!

12. Candle

There's nothing like some ambience when reading!

13. Coffee Glass with Straw

Speaking of ambience, I can't think of a better reading sesh than a good book, a candle, and a glass of iced coffee. HEAVEN.

Now- these next ones are definitely on the pricier side. A reading session is only as good as the chair you are sitting in. I would NEVER want to leave any of these. After a few weeks there would most likely be a permanent imprint of my behind.

14. Futon Chair Bed

A chair that turns into a chaise that turns into a full bed where you can put the head down WITH a cup holder AND a charging port? Say less. I could die happily in that chair.

15. Velvet Chair with Ottoman

For those wanting a pop of color and texture for their reading chair, this one looks perfect. Bonus that it comes in so many different colors!

16. Swivel Barrel Chair

My favorite thing about this chair is just how unique it is. You don't see many chairs like this and it definitely is a good way to add some shape to a space (while being ridiculously comfy.)

17. Sleeper Bed Chair

This one is being added to my cart for multiple reasons. I live in a one bedroom apartment so space is a little limited. If I can have one thing that can function as multiple, I'm sold. A cute accent chair, a reading chair, AND it turns into a bed? I love this and can't wait to purchase it.

As an avid reader, I would be thrilled to receive any of these. They are unique and practical and cozy feeling all at once. Feel free to confirm with the bookish people in your life!

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