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2024 Ins and Outs

In case you haven't seen- the latest Tikok trend has been listing Ins and Outs of 2024.

Similar to a New Year's Resolution (but better, imo) people are listing their things that they are considering a yes/in or no/out for the upcoming year. From healthcare, to mental health, to practicality, people of all shapes and sizes are giving lists of all styles and topics. I thought about my Ins and Out and made a video, but now that some time has passed I've been able to give it some thought and add to my lists.

Ins of 2024

  • Investing in ~ quality clothing~

  • Blog Content

  • Weightlifting routine

  • Solo dates

  • Solo travel

  • Eating whole foods

  • Downsizing

  • Slow living

  • Therapy

  • Work-life balance

  • Dedicated skincare routine

Outs of 2024

  • Uncomfortable shoes and clothes

  • Impulse shopping

  • People pleasing

  • CARING WHAT MEN THINK ABOUT ME (had to make it in all caps to show how serious I am)

  • Decorating based on the trend

  • Being mean to myself

  • Yucking someone's yum

  • Fast, Trendy fashion

  • Speaking poorly of other people

  • Caffeinating before hydrating

  • Letting fear rule me

  • Shame

I think I like these lists more than a resolution because there is no pressure to meet every single thing on this list. I can do my best and work on the rest. I'm sure more things will be added throughout the year as I go (and as I see other people's lists!)

What do you have on your Ins and Outs list for 2024?

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