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30th Birthday Soiree With a Side of Dating FAILS

I went BIG for my 30th birthday and decided to throw a party! It turned out so cute and I had the best time. Feeling very loved, lucky, and blessed for year 30! The only aspect of my life I'm not so lucky or #blessed would be my dating life, womp womp. Some updates and funny stories about what went down with some men this month!


For the longest time, I said that I was going to Vegas for my 30th birthday since I've never been. When I started planning a few months ago I looked at prices and it just felt like such a stretch to ask people to fly to Vegas for the weekend since everything is so expensive. I settled on renting an airbnb here in Dallas and inviting some of my favorite people over! This way I could see all my people in one place and just enjoy my birthday. To make it even more fun, I decided to make it a PJ Party!

My favorite people, yummy food, and in bed before midnight? Literally my dream night. I feel so thankful for those that came in to celebrate with me. At one point during the night I had to just stand there, look around, and take a moment to really let it all sink in. All these people to celebrate me? I was holding back tears. I felt SO loved and blessed and just incredibly grateful for my life and all the wonderful people in it (some with no say in the matter because they're family and others who choose to be in my life.)

Can we talk about how much fun karaoke is?? Why have I never done this as an adult? IS THIS WHAT BEING 30 IS?! Enjoying karaoke and singing all the songs with my girls by my side?

The Karaoke room had disco balls all over the ceiling and now I know what I am doing when I buy a house. Disco ball ceiling. Also, I plan on adding one above my bathtub.

The general consensus was that my 30s will be my best decade yet. I fully believe this and I can't wait for the next 10 years.

It's (NOT) raining men

Now, on to the dating fails of the month (please imagine nails on a chalkboard as you read this.)

My feelings towards dating and dating apps is pretty simple: I hate it. I don't find it fun and more often than I would like to admit, it really affects my mental health and self esteem. This day in age it really feels like the only way to meet single men that are also wanting to date (even thought in my experience that isn't true for the vast majority, they just want to hookup.) I can't quite commit to deleting the apps forever. Why? I'm not sure. My therapist and I will be talking about it.

I'm now 30 years old and it's been almost 10 years since my last relationship. I hate to admit that but it's the truth., embarrassing as it is. Thanks to TikTok, I've come to learn that I am not the only one in this boat. My last 'official' relationship was in 2015 with my college boyfriend. I've dated, yes, and have hung out with some guys, but it never went anywhere. Either on their part, or mine. So the dating apps are a double edged sword sometimes.

Unfortunately, the two that I hung out with this month didn't make the cut. I don't have a 'type' and this is extremely evident this round. J number 1 was extremely liberal left, and J number 2 was extremely conservative right (yes both Js.) J number one was kind, but I got the distinct gut feeling that he was only interested in a hookup, not getting to know me. J number 2 was definitely wanting a relationship, but there were some personality things that I could NOT get past.

It might be a bit extreme to label them as 'fails' even thought that's exactly what they were. Why is dating so discouraging? Are there any nice men left? I made a TikTok recently talking about an instagram page that posted singles from all over the US. I'm toying with the idea of starting one for Dallas Singles but it terrifies me. I'm not sure how it would do or if people would actually want to be a part of it.

I'm extremely hopeful that my 30s will in fact be my best yet. My 20s were great and there was a lot of learning and growth, but I'm looking forward to actually enjoying MY life and doing the things I want to do. The older I get, the easier it becomes to say 'no' to the things I don't want to do and ignore the people who would judge me for what I choose to do. The older I get, the more ME I become.

Cheers to 30 years and all that the future has in store for me <3

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