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A Weekend Spent In North Carolina

Where we went, what we did, and what we enjoyed!

I traveled this past weekend to visit my sister in North Carolina. She lives in Benson, NC which is just outside of Raleigh. We had a great weekend and our activities took us all over! You better believe I made her pull over so I could get a picture of the pretty fall foliage. Here is a quick recap of our weekend!


Middlesex, NC

This was the first haunted house I have been to since college- almost 8 years ago. For the general admission fee of $30 and parking fee of $5 I thought this was well worth the price. It's a mile-long path through the woods with various themed haunted houses to walk through. I genuinely got scared more than once and had to hold on to my sister multiple times. At one point it was every man for himself and I shoved her out of the way to save myself. Sorry, Kate. The main area had a DJ, food and drink stand, and a couple different gift shops. Apparently this joint has been running for 40+ years! I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to going back.


I'm a sucker for anything animal related so this very quickly became my favorite activity of the whole weekend. For a $15 entry fee, you got access to the zoo where you could see and feed the animals ($3 per cup of feed with a refill price of $1) and access to the drive through safari. (different feed; $3 a cup.) The zoo area had a large playground with lots of benches and tables and places for families to sit and eat. There were a lot of animals to look at and feed. They even had a station set up where you could feed the giraffes! The Drive-through safari was a few miles long with camels, donkeys, zebras, deer and various other wildlife that would come up to your car to be fed. While we were there I could see them setting up for their Christmas season event which looked to be a drive through lights event. All in all this was my favorite with a very reasonable price! Pro tip- the drive through safari has different food than the petting zoo, so if you think you are being smart and saving food, you aren't.

I thought I would have the pleasure of kissing Jeffrey the Giraffe, but sadly I was just a little too short :(


This was an unplanned stop. On the way to the safari park we passed DeWayne's and noticed all the lights and Christmas decor. Naturally this became high on the to-do list. I almost cried walking in because I immediately regretted not bringing a bigger suitcase. They had a large boutique area, a sweets shop, a pet area, a garden area, and the best of all, ChristmasLand. I could have spent all day in there. Multiple Christmas displays and themes and decor and all kind of Christmas-y things! Every color imaginable, every theme imaginable, and even a spot for ornament/stocking personalization. I can't wait to go back and bring an XL suitcase just for all the Christmas things I want.

I've been to North Carolina several times over the last few years and have enjoyed it every visit. I've gone to the beach and to the mountains. Always a good time with lots to do!

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