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Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

My new favorite part about blogging is that I can post literally whatever I want. Traditionally, people dream of a white Christmas. This year I am dreaming of a Pink Christmas!

I just wanted a space to place all the things I want to buy on Amazon and have my eyes on.

I give credit to my sister for this. She sent pics so naturally I wanted to copy.

Pink Glass Christmas Trees

7" Pink Ceramic Lit Christmas Tree for desk decoration

Set of 4 Nutcracker/Pink Dish towels

Pink Light up Gift Boxes decor

12 pack Pink Berry Twig Stems

Women's Christmas Sweater

I have a bone to pick with Amazon on this one. It's labeled an "Ugly Christmas Sweater." UM EXCUSE ME!? I can't wait to wear this to the office.

2 foot Pink Tree

This is marketed for children but I am ok with that because most of the time I identify as a children. It's a shock every time I remember my age.

Fuzzy Reindeer Slippers

I should be embarrassed about how much I want these but all I feel is joy.

Pink String Lights

I think this might be the first purchase of the Christmas season! So stinkin' cute and I am just thinking of all the possible holidays/events they can be reused for.

Pip Berry LED Garland with Remote

48" Nutcracker Tree Skirt

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! LOOK how adorable this is!!!!

Hallmark Pink Set of 3 Wrapping Paper

Pink Christmas Wooden Train

I could honestly spend hours and hours scrolling through Amazon finding allllll the Pink Christmas decor. Everything I've come across has been beyond adorable. I could have just created a WishList and saved all these there but where is the fun in that? I wanted to share the cute in the hopes that Pink could be the new Christmas color.

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