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February Monthly Challenge

Details about where I've been spending some time this month volunteering!

Monthly Challenge

For the month of February, my challenge was to volunteer. I researched some places, did some events, and have a list of more places I want to volunteer with on a regular basis!


A quick google search of 'placed to volunteer' in Dallas gave me a ton of options. For the first one, I wanted to start off with something relatively easy that I could do on my own time. Enter: CitySquare- a non profit aimed at fighting poverty in Dallas. There are a ton of volunteer opportunities to choose from, and signing up was easy. There are different levels of volunteering you can do based on what works best for your schedule. I chose to create-a-kit, and I put together some feminine hygiene bags! Let's face it- women everywhere have ALL experienced the stress that comes with being on your period and not having supplies. Add in other factors of possibly being homeless or not knowing where your next meal is coming from? Downright terrifying.

CitySquare gives multiple options for what kinds of kits you can assemble. In my opinion, this was the easiest of my volunteer experiences this month. It took me no time at all to order some little pouches off amazon and buy some supplies from Target. After about 20 minutes, I had 20 kits assembled with some products left over to donate. It was an easy way to give back to my city! I am planning to assemble and drop off more kits this year!

Here is the link for CitySquare so you can check out all the ways you can give and volunteer!


This was an organization I had never heard of, but when I mentioned to my therapist that I was wanting to volunteer some she was quick to suggest this one. Feed the City is a large organization whose goal is to literally, feed the city. Volunteers show up with the groceries required and as a team, everyone makes sandwiches and sides (bags of chips and oranges) to be delivered across the city to shelters and church organizations and whoever is in need of some food to pass out to some people in need. This was a whirlwind of a morning! I showed up with my grocery items and they were organized into massive PILES! I'm talking piles of lunchmeat up to my knees! It was absolute insanity. And then the sandwich assembly began and it was about 30-40 minutes of absolute chaos. (I didn't get any pictures of this part because it was absolute madness.)

I bought the food required and showed up by myself to make some sandwiches. There was also the option to pre-make the meals and place them in brown paper bags and drop them off. I wanted to get in on the action and get my hands dirty! (well not dirty since I had food gloves on, but definitely covered in mustard.)

I saw groups of girls scouts, church groups, teenagers getting NHS volunteer hours, and families all participating and making some sandwiches. At the end we were told the total number of meals that would be distributed throughout the city- 4,590! It was a great way to start my Saturday.


Feed the City and CitySquare were the two that I was able to quickly and easily sign up to volunteer without having to do any sort of orientation or training. The others on my list (that I am planning to work with) all require some sort of orientation prior to volunteering.

TBV (To Be Volunteered)

These are the other places I am looking to Volunteer! Check them out and join me!

There is a LOT more that happened this month that I will be sharing (30th birthday! Dating update!) with you all and giving the deets on my Spring Buys and Tries!

Giving back and being generous with my time and resources is something I have become passionate about. My hope is that I can spread some of this and inspire others to give back in any way they can!

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