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Happy Hours Social Club: Christmas Trolley Tour

For those that don't know- about a year ago a girl named Lexie started something called the Happy Hours Social Club here in Dallas. There are events every month you can buy a ticket for and it's a fantastic way to meet other women in the area! I have done a few events with them and Lexie does such a great job every time. I have met so many women and had a blast at every event! Earlier in the year my friend and I went to the Galentine's Cocktail Making class and this year we went on the 2nd annual Christmas Trolley Lights Tour.

This event was two nights and we went on the second. There were 2 trolleys ready to tote us around the Park Cities neighborhood to look at the beautiful homes lit up!

Socorro Tequila partnered for the event and there were Ranch Waters available for us as well as mini bottles in a goody bag! Delicious, and I will immediately be buying a bottle.

The entire trip was about an hour and such a fun time.

This was the one picture of me and Haley I managed to get all night. Which is probably good because this was before I drank the Ranch Water ~and~ extra tequila shooter.

I didn't know that horse-drawn carraiges through Highland Park was a thing until this night?! There was one in the shape of Cinderella's pumpkin and it instantly was put on my to-do list.

Great drinks, beautiful lights, and a group of incredible women?! say less. Already looking forward to next year and doing more events with Happy Hours Social Club!

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