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Neutral Boho Amazon Finds

Neutral decor has become a timeless and versatile choice for home interiors, offering a canvas of tranquility and elegance for any space. Add in some Boho flair and you've got a recipe for a calming interior with some personality. This has quickly become one of my favorite trends and I love the hunt for the perfect pieces. Here are some of my favorite Amazon Finds.

1. White Ceramic Vase

Beautiful and versatile. What more could you want?

2. Dried Pampas Grass

I love a good floral but the pampas grass has become my #1 choice for any type of foliage/floral/whatever you want to call it. I love the colors and different textures/shapes that they add to a room.

3. Framed Floral Wall Art

As I said before, I go nuts for any type of floral (art included.) I really love that these come framed and have just a pop of color without being overwhelming.

4. Woven Cotton Throw

There's just something about a beautiful decorative throw that just makes a room feel put together and elegant. I wouldn't cuddle with this blanket, but I would make sure it was on full display for everyone to see.

5. Artificial Olive Tree

Like a good throw blanket, any sort of potted plant also elevates a space. However, I have a black thumb and kill any sort of plant that enters my presence. Which makes artificial plants the best! No more killing plants!

6. Flatwood Wall Clock

I really love analog clocks as decor because they are beautiful and functional. They make great pieces for walls that just need a little something to take up space. Bonus points that this one doesn't make noise!

This neutral/boho look is a total vibe that I am here for. I am forever on the hunt for pieces like these! I will be adding more as I find them.

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