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No Spend May

April showers bring May... budgeting?

The assigned challenge for May is a month of no spending. Originally, this was intended to coincide with my move in April since I would be tapped financially. However, I ended up not moving. So by staying in my current apartment instead of a more expensive one- I'm inherently saving money every month yes? Which means I now have extra money each month in my budget. Girl Math at its finest.

As much as I wish this was the case it simply isn't. I have a lot of financial goals (pay off my credit cards, build a nest egg, save for a house, etc.) so sticking to a budget and finding what works for me will assist me in the longterm. The problem has been figuring out what exactly is included in a no-spend month? Realistically I have to spend money to live. That's just a given. But what are the unnecessary things I can trim off for one month? How much money am I spending each month just on miscellaneous purchases?

I did some Pinterest research and got a lot of ideas and decided to take from a bunch of sources and make a list that works for my life and my brain.


  • Bills and Utilities

  • Groceries

  • Refill/restock necessities if needed (laundry detergent, shampoo, toilet paper, etc)

  • Restaurants (I want to give myself the freedom to go out to eat with friends if it's a special occasion or if I am invited out.)


  • New clothes

  • Jewelry

  • Shoes

  • To-go coffee/snacks

  • Beauty products

  • Home decor/ candles

  • Books/movies

I'm sure there will be things that pop up that I am unprepared for and the current plan is to filter every purchase/ cash out through the lens of "Do I HAVE to have this right now or can it wait a few weeks?"

Later in the year I have a "no eating out" challenge which is why it was added to my 'yes' column but with conditions. I have a VERY bad habit of buying off amazon aimlessly and I'm honestly afraid to add up how much money I have spent ordering stuff I don't need, which is where the spirit of this challenge came from. If you can't tell, all my challenges are things that I am either actively very bad at or wish I could be better at. Given the state of the world and current inflation (tbh I only have a very basic understanding of this) saving money will always be a good idea.

This is going to take some serious discipline that I don't have. Seriously. What discipline I do have comes and goes at the most incorrect and inconvenient times.

Wish me luck!


A previous blog post detailed my April challenge and my new side-hustle. I am still enjoying making earrings and have sold some on Etsy and to friends! I am getting better every time I make them and I have so many ideas and styles that I want to make. Hudson + Rose Design Co is alive and growing!

Find me on instagram: @hudsonrosedesignco and on Etsy:

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