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Spring Challenges Update

Recap of my March challenge and preview of my April Challenge!

Instead of 1 new year's resolution for all of 2024- I decided to do a different "challenge" for every month of the year. There is a previous post that goes into more details about each month that you can read here.

MARCH 2024

As the name states, all I did in March, was march. The pun wasn't intended but I'd like to think and claim that it was. My goal was 10K steps a day and BOY OH BOY was that a shock. I didn't realize exactly how many steps 10K is. Spoiler- it's around 4-5 miles depending on your stride. I started regretting this challenge exactly one day in. By day three, I needed new tennis shoes. After some extensive research, and conversations with an employee at FleetFeet, I settled on the Hoka Clifton 9's.

Previously I did not consider myself sedentary. I worked out every now and again and was usually up and about during the day moving around and doing things. I realized that first week that I was in fact, sedentary. The entire first week I was sore and my poor poor feet were covered in blisters. It took a good 6-8 days but my body adjusted. 10K steps a day was hard. Especially working 8+ hours a day. Everyday I did something a little bit different until I found what worked for me. At first I was walking outside since the weather was so nice, but that didn't last for long. I tried to walk on my lunch break, but even walking for an hour during lunch didn't get all my steps in. During this time, I was doing a re-watch of America's Next Top Model. One day I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill pretending it was my runway and it clicked! That was the magic formula that made it not only possible to get all 10,000 steps but it made them fun.

Unfortunately, I dod not complete my goal of 10K steps for every day in March. There were a handful of days that I did not complete all the steps. I was upset and frustrated with myself for not finishing all the days and felt like a failure but I am trying to reframe and focus on the fact that I did > 23 days in the 31 days of March, and that's pretty great. It's more than I did in January or February!

Conclusion: 10,000 steps a day was more difficult that I anticipated. Did I enjoy it? Sometimes. I learned that the exercise definitely helped after work as it was a great way to relieve stress from the day. Will I be continuing to do 10,000 steps a day? Absolutely not. However, I will be incorporating some sort of exercise or physical activity after work to relieve the stress and anxiety.

APRIL 2024

April showers bring May flowers and a new challenge: New Hobby. There were several different options I thought through and I ended up settling on making polymer clay earrings. A year or two ago I bought a small little kit at Micheal's and really enjoyed it, I just never went any farther. I enjoy working with my hands and having a chance to flex my creative muscles so it seemed perfect. It's taken a lot of practice and I'm continuing to learn and get better the more I do and make.

I am SO proud of these and they remain my favorite pair I've ever made!

To my surprise, I was actually good at this challenge and I enjoyed it. It didn't take me long to take my friends and family's advice to start selling them. I get very insecure and anxious when I put things out into the world. Whether it's a TikTok, an instagram post, or a blog post, it's all very scary for me as I get overwhelmed by the fear of being judged and found lacking. The thought of starting an Etsy shop or posting about the earrings terrified me. BUT. I remembered the reason I started this blog and started posting more on the internet: I think it's fun and it makes me happy. One of my favorite things about getting older is that I care less and less about what others may think about me. My goal is to stay in my lane and worry about me. I'm not great at this but it is getting easier every year that passes. This whole journey lead to the birth of

~ Drumroll please~

My own little Etsy shop is open for business! I feel so proud of my work and the fact that I did the damn thing. It might be small but it's mine. I have made a couple sales and each one almost made me cry! It's still weird to think that I made something people actually want to buy.

What started out as a simple challenge for April has turned out to be something I greatly enjoy. The plan is to keep working and selling and growing and getting better. I'm learning every day and feel proud of my creations. I would like to start selling here on the blog but that is still a little technically advanced for me and will take some time to figure out. In the meantime- here is the link to my Etsy shop!

As April draws to an end and May is on the horizon, I am filled with fear. May is my no spending month. I am terrified and stressed already. Heavy on the t's and p's please.

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