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SUMMER Buys and Tries

All the goodies I am planning to test out this summer! Plus my reviews from the Spring batch,


Clean Skin Club Clean Towels XL

These disposable face towels reportedly have many benefits for your skin's overall health and appearance, including: improvement in skin barrier, boost in overall skin health, reduction in skin oiliness, reduction in redness, and reduction in sensitivity. I've recently had issues with my skin barrier being damaged. I know now that it was due to irritating products I was using so I have switched to gentler products that are much kinder to me. Occasionally I will struggle with acne so my hope would be that this can help with that as well, since they are single use and each one is a new one.


e.l.f. SKIN All Set For Sun SPF 45 Setting Spray

e.l.f. has time and time again proven that they are a brand to be contended with when it comes to cost-effective and high quality dupes. I am a profusely sweaty gal with fair skin. So during the summer my makeup melts easily and I'm prone to sunburns. This easily fits in my purse for on-the-go.


Kenra Anti-Humidity Spray 5

As I said before, I am a profusely sweaty girl. My hair quickly becomes a frizzy mess during the hot months. Kenra claims this spray has a 72 hr timeframe for frizz control. According to the website it can be applied to both damp and dry hair. But does one work better than the other? Does it actually keep frizz at bay for 72 hrs?


RESTCLOUD Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

This is a TikTok find that I have been curious about for a while now. It's promoted for TMJ relief and cervical spine alignment, but I've mainly seen it used for neck pain. If I don't pay attention to my posture and how I hold myself, my shoulders like to move up and keep my ears company. I busted this bad boy open the second Amazon delivered it to my doorstep. Holy wow. I've only used it twice and I'm already obsessed. It hurts so good. It stretched muscles I wasn't even aware I was using, let alone muscles that haven't been relaxed since the day I was born. I don't have to wait- my official review is to buy it immediately.


MegRhythm Gentle Steam Neck Patch

A couple months ago I ventured out to Hera Head Spa and got a full relaxation and massage for my scalp and hair. Part of the treatment included these masks, but for your eyes. They were warm and smelled like lavender. If you can't tell already, this summer round heavily involves my neck and getting it to relax. I'm so excited to try these and I have a feeling they will be a repeat purchase.


Mo Cuishle Neck Shoulder Back Massager with Heat - Shiatsu Neck Massager

Speaking of my neck- wait have I mentioned my neck already in this post? One of my life goals Is to be wealthy enough that I can afford a weekly massage. My neck and shoulders stay tense. Since weekly massages are out of my current budget, I have to improvise and do what I can. Like the neck relaxer above I busted this out as soon as it was in my little rodent fingers. I don't have to wait- my official review is to buy it immediately. I'm wondering if I can combine the neck stretcher with the lavender steam patch and then top it off with some time under the massager to create the ultimate neck release.


LAPCOS Honey Sheet Mask: PASS. I had high hopes for this mask and it let me down. It felt nice but it made my skin feel more sticky than hydrated.

The INKEY List Polyglutamic Acid Serum: BUY. I used this at night after using the snail mucin serum but before my moisturizer, and it definitely made my skin feel hydrated.

PRO LASH Starter Mini Kit: BUY. I have tried several different lash brands, glue brands, tools, etc over the last few months, and the Pro Lash is the only one that lasted more than one day. It didn't last as long as I would have liked but in the future if I have an important weekend I'll definitely use them for that.

Kristin Ess Hair Dry Finish Working Texture Hair Spray: BUY. I tried two different texture sprays and honestly couldn't tell the difference.

Living proof Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray: PASS. I love Living Proof but save your money and get the Kristin Ess spray.

Boiron Phosphoricum Acidum 30C: BUY. My sister was kind enough to try these out as well. They aren't the same as shotgunning an energy drink but I can tell that my brain focuses a little bit easier. Maybe it's a placebo effect? Either way I'm going to keep using it.

CLEOPATRA LED MASK: BUY. This is another purchase I was influenced into buying by my friend Jamie. I can't 100% say that I've noticed a change but I also don't think I have been using it long enough to see an improvement.

RENPHO Eyeris 1 - Eye Massager: PASS. I had such high hopes for this one :( The heat and massaging feel nice but the mask itself squeezed my head uncomfortably and honestly made me more stressed than relaxed.

I have such high hopes for all of the products I have purchased and I'm so excited to start using them all. If you have tried any of these products or have suggestions send your reviews and recommendations my way!

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